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You are on the website of the group practice for small animals - Tierarztpraxis Schneidersgarten.
We got our name from the park "Schneidersgarten", which is on the opposite side of the road. So you know where to find us on the rather long Halberstädter Straße.
We are pleased that you have found your way to our website - here we inform you about the practice, our equipment, diagnostic as well as therapeutic possibilities, and news from the practice.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are happy to be able to support you and your pet in all questions concerning health and nutrition and to be not only a service provider, but also a trusted partner.

Your practice team


Please note that you always need to make an appointment by phone in advance to be able to plan the process better, also the vets are not always on site.

In the case of serious illnesses, referrals to larger veterinary clinics may be necessary.

If you come from another county (unless you are already a patient with us), please contact the veterinarian in charge (you can usually find out who this is by calling the fire service's emergency number).

Since 14.2.2020, the new emergency service regulations of the GOT have come into effect. An examination MUST now be billed outside of regular office hours with an emergency service fee of 59.50 euros (incl. VAT) and at least double the rate. Animal health insurances usually cover these costs in their entirety.

In addition, the new scale of fees for veterinarians has been in force since 22.11.2022. This sets the price for the veterinarian for the services in question.

Corona Regulations

- Please always call before a visit. Medication and food should be pre-ordered by phone to minimise disruption to the practice schedule.

- Please do not come to the practice with cold or flu-like symptoms, in this case send a substitute.

- Please wear only particle-filtering half masks without a valve (FFP2/FFP3). Access to the practice cannot take place without a proper mask and its fit (covering mouth and nose!), in this case we will take over your animal at the entrance door. The vet will then communicate with you outside or by telephone.

- Please come alone with your pet. Persons who help you carry etc. must unfortunately wait in the car or in front of the practice.

- Please try to leave children and babies at home. If care is not guaranteed, children who are not allowed to stay alone in the car or at home may be brought along. However, we also ask that young patient owners observe minimum distance and hygiene rules.

- Please wait in the car after making an appointment by phone or briefly in person, so that the few seats for patient owners without a car can be kept free and filled. We will call you as soon as it is their turn.

- Please disinfect your hands when entering the practice (disinfection stand at the entrance door) or after using the sanitary facilities.

- When paying by EC card, please use the facility provided for this purpose. Our veterinary assistants will of course instruct you on how to use the equipment. In this way, we ensure that no one has direct contact with the pine input.

- Please keep a sufficient distance to us and other patient owners, do not cough at anyone and stay behind the plexiglass pane at the registration desk. If you have difficulty understanding something, ask for it to be repeated loudly. Talking past the plexiglass or even contact behind the counter is not permitted. If we need help in restraining your pet, we will ask you directly.

- Please understand that you are not allowed to be present during sonographic and cardiological examinations. The treatment room is considerably smaller and it is full to capacity with the restraining staff and the vet.

- We still only carry out home visits in the case of euthanasia. Here, too, it is important that the particle-filtering masks are worn and that only the animal's caregivers are present.

- If you are in quarantine but are in urgent need of food or medication, please call us and we will try to find a solution together.

We ask for your understanding and compliance with the corona regulations. We want to guarantee the operation of the practice for as long as possible and protect ourselves and our customers from corona. The practice team will also wear FFP2 masks from now on. In case of symptoms, rapid tests are carried out immediately and, if there is a well-founded suspicion, these are confirmed with a PCR. In our profession, unfortunately, it is not possible to keep the minimum distance, so we pay special attention to compliance.


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